Northland Conference 2017 Dual Meet Schedule

Meet Date Meet Name Notes
06/08/2017 Coves at Hills of Walden  
06/08/2017 New Mark at Kearney  
06/08/2017 Brooktree at Old Pike  
06/08/2017 Clayview at Thousand Oaks  
06/08/2017 Riss Lake at Walnut Creek  
06/15/2017 Brooktree at Riss Lake  
06/15/2017 Thousand Oaks at Old Pike  
06/15/2017 Walnut Creek at New Mark  
06/15/2017 Kearney at Coves  
06/15/2017 Hills of Walden at Clayview  
06/22/2017 Thousand Oaks at Brooktree  
06/22/2017 Old Pike at Hills of Walden  
06/22/2017 Clayview at Kearney  
06/22/2017 Riss Lake at New Mark  
06/22/2017 Coves at Walnut Creek  
06/29/2017 Hills of Walden at Thousand Oaks  
06/29/2017 Kearney at Old Pike  
06/29/2017 New Mark at Coves  
06/29/2017 Riss Lake at Clayview  
06/29/2017 Walnut Creek at Brooktree  
07/06/2017 Hills of Walden at Walnut Creek  
07/06/2017 Old Pike at Riss Lake  
07/06/2017 Clayview at New Mark  
07/06/2017 Thousand Oaks at Kearney  
07/06/2017 Brooktree at Coves  
07/11/2017 New Mark at Brooktree  
07/11/2017 Old Pike at Clayview  
07/11/2017 Kearney at Hills of Walden  
07/11/2017 Coves at Riss Lake  
07/11/2017 Walnut Creek at Thousand Oaks